[ISSUE] WL8 stops responding


I have got this problem while the wav is loaded adn there is my usual mastering plugins chain.

I played the track and suddenly I cannot do anything with WL8.0.1, cant stop the track, it doesnt react to mouse or keyboard, but continues to play track and I am able to control any other program in mac os.

Only way is to force quit WL and start it again.

What can be the problem here PG?


After working more it feels like the mouse gets stuck on WL windows, I have to click it more times on plugins windows and on waveform window to make it work the way I want. Is this fixable?

32 or 64 bit? What plugins are loaded?

Its 64 bit.


bx control v2
slate digital VCC
UAD Manley MP
UAD studer
Izotope Ozone 5 Maximizer

Processor is at 20% load, RAM 30% load.

Could it be that only a certain plugin is the cause of this? Did you try removing them one by one?

It is not happening always, maybe I need to change a mouse or something not related to plugins at all.

Will experiment and see:)

Hi PG,

I think slate digital VCC is making this problem. I noticed its same in Nuendo 6, daw just stops responding to keyboard and mouse after I insert the plugin.

Have you tried it?


I have been experiencing a related problem for the last couple of days: I just got a new set of monitors and am using playback from WL to burn them in. Setup: WL8/64, no plugins, one wav loaded in the wave section, a montage built from several flacs and mp3s streaming from a USB HD, set to play continuously. Then after several hours I hit stop, close the montage (which returns me to the wave window), whereupon I am unable to close it (and quit completely). I then have to kill the WL process manually. Ideas?

Update: The problem remains, but only after having WL play/replay the montage for a couple of hours. Very strange, perhaps a buffer (overflow?) problem?

The new monitors are really beginning to rock (or dub, actually), though.


The Slate VCC was the source of an error message that told me to save to a new file.

I’m experiencing this now too. But it only started on a larger project where I had more UAD instances running. Watching the UAD meter, it has zero activity when WL is stopped and then loads everything when in playback. That’s a crazy way for UAD to function. Those plugs need to be on all the time.

I’m getting this issue with less than 50% of my UAD DSP taken up and sure enough when I scaled back the amount of UAD it stopped crashing on playback. I don’t think it’s any one particular plug either. This is just how how UAD is meant to function. It’s accessing the PCI bus. You can’t just load 20 or 30 plugs all at once everytime you hit play.