Issues after update to HALion Sonic SE 3.2.15

I just updated HALion 6 to version 6.2.10. Principally I do update of HALion Sonic SE to version 3.2.15 and have some issues:

  1. Startup screen tell that this is Version 3.1.15 not updated 3.2.15.

  2. While loading Standalone it asks for some libraries not purchased by me:
    It seems that _SP.vstsound files are new for all instruments of HALion family and there is no control for what is licenced.

  3. Switching between Editor and Player causes a visual problem - right side of preset’s macro page have a gray panel when I switch to player. Then I switch to Editor and have the same gray panel. After reloading Standalone, panel don’t appear, but after switching to player it is visible again.

I was wondering about this. I own Absolute 3 and Dark Planet, so I didn’t get that alert but was wondering about Neo Soul Keys. I don’t see it for sale anymore. I thought maybe they just added it to the Halion library? But if you downloaded and installed the updated content and still are getting that error they maybe it is just a mistake.

i think this is a glitch i never got either error and even reinstalled to see if it would happen but it didn’t