Issues Importing XML in Dorico 4

Hi. So I recorded a guitar improv track in Reaper. I put it into midi in Reaper, I export it as an XML file. I load it into Dorico 4. Two issues: First, it doesn’t load onto the full score. It loads onto a second flow, titled the name of the XML file. Not a big issue there, but would like some help with that as well. The real issue is that after the first 34 measures (At 93 bpm), it stops. There’s just a bunch of rests, with occasional triplet rests and other tuplets. It is a 43 minute long XML file so I was wondering if that had something to do with it? I tried to reimport the XML file into Reaper and it worked fine, so wondering if, while the export in Reaper works fine, is there a compatibility issue?

Triplets can sometimes cause problems with MIDI import. If you still hae the file in Reaper and can somehow remove the triplets and then restore them after importing in Dorico, that might work.

Importing to a new flow is a protective measure to make sure nothing is changed in your original music. Copying and pasting from the added flow into the proper place in the existing flow is the answer.

As @Derrek says, there will be an error in the Reaper xml export file that Dorico cannot resolve.

MusicXML is, as yet, an imperfect standard. There are often problems around tuplets.

MuseScore is slightly more tolerant of badly formulated xml files. So sometimes you can import into MuseScore, then export a copy that will then import OK into Dorico.

Alternatively try deleting the notes in the Reaper file bar 35 and see if Dorico will now accept it. (you would then need to replace the missing notes manually in Dorico).

If you use File Import, Dorico will import the file into a new flow. That is expected behaviour.

Hmm. Well the piece is not made up entirely of Triplets, would that issue prevent the non-tuplet notes from being shown as well?

Ok, will try this, thanks.

Did you get an error message when doing the import? Usually there is a message box that allows you to see the details of the import errors. If you explore that you will probably see references to incomplete bars

Ok, downloaded MuseScore, think I found the issue:

There are a lot of these incomplete measure errors, probably around a hundred (The total piece is 997 measures), I can go to MuseScores website and try to find someone who can teach me how to fix them before I export as XML to Dorico, does anyone here know how to fix this though?

I got those messages in MuseScore, not in Dorico.

Sorry. The errors are caused by Reaper.

Ok. I’m in a discord for Reaper I’ll ask there.

I had similar problems two/three years ago. A python program of mine
produced musicxml files (using scamp library). When importing the files
to Dorico the tuplets where occasionally very odd. At that time i could check
musescore, Finale and Sibelius and they did not have that odd behavior.
As I was already programming i ended up with routinely importing to musescore
and directly exporting it. That can be done from the commandline:
“mscore -o infile.musicxml outfile.xml” if i remember correctly.
If your writing python code you can do i from within python as well.
I have not checked if Dorico no handles my problem differently recently nor have I access
to Sibelius or Finale. I hope that the most used programs can agree on a good behavior
so that we can freely export, import and have a smooth workflow musicxml wise.