Issues installing Dorico 5 Pro 60 day trial

I am trying to get the 60 day trial for Dorico 5 Pro and I downloaded it to the download assistant from the website, installed all the necessary things, and it doesn’t give me any shortcut to Dorico 5 Pro. I look in my files and there are only the things I installed from the download assistant yet I can’t open the actual software. When I try to install it using the Dorico Installer file, it instead installs Dorico 5 SE. I am unsure if this issue is related to Windows, if something is wrong with the Download Assistant, or just my lack of experience with this stuff.

Welcome to the forum, Elliot, and I’m sorry that you’ve been having problems. I think the issue is that you already have an active Dorico SE license on your computer. Dorico Pro and Dorico SE are the same software, and determine what features to run with according to the license that’s available. Run Steinberg Activation Manager and deactivate Dorico SE, then activate Dorico Pro, and then run Dorico again – that should hopefully take care of it.

ah It’s working now, thank you!! :slight_smile: