Issues opening Dorico 2 score in Dorico 3

When I try to open a file, collection of trumpet studies, I get this message: You can see in the picture.

And the file opens in bravura instead of Petaluma .When I open the same file on the same Computer in Dorico 2 everything is like it should.

Any ideas?

Best wishes

Have you restarted your computer since updating?

You’ll only get that warning if you genuinely do have missing fonts in the project. Somewhere in Engrave > Paragraph Styles you’ve overridden the font for one of your styles to use an italic style for Bravura, which doesn’t exist. Likewise, Avenir Regular is a legit font, but one that apparently is not installed on your computer, and you should find the affected paragraph style and edit it to use a font that you do have installed.

Hi all,
I restarted my computer with no effect.
Now I changed the fonts that are not installed and everything is fine. No big problem.
Thanks for help.
For the rest I like the update very much.
Thanks, Chris