Issues or mistakes opening Media-Projects from Cubase

Hello Community,

I am new to VST-Live, but not new to Cubase. Maybe someone could help me out; even I watched the well known Tutorial-Series and other of the rare Vidoes, I can´t get to work it.

I have a Song in Cubase, consisting of Audio-Samples in Audio Tracks and mainly VST-Instrument and Midi Tracks.

When I open the Media-Project-File in VST-Live, I have these Issues:

  1. For example the Tracks with NI Komplete: The track itself receives data, but the Plug-In itself doesn´t react. Also, I haven´t the Channel-Output Button.

  2. My Song in Cubase includes one Halion Instance with some Midi-Tracks aiming Channel 1-xx
    In VST-Live, the Tracks haven´t assigned the Halion. However, I don´t know how to open the proper Halion Instance with it Channel with loaded Instruments.

  3. I have a some beat short Drumsample which plays continuous. In Cubase it sounds great, in VST-Live I have some timing-issues. The timing is set correct (100bpm).

Maybe someone can help or have a Tip where to find some answers. As I am using the trial period I want to be sure if VST-Live works as I think it should - or where I make mistakes.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

… that looks strange. Do you think it is possible that you give me access to your exported folder? Zip it and send it to me? PM?

… only Cubase Instruments Tracks are supported. The VST Rack will not be transferred to VST Live.

… maybe the drum samples are stretched? Musical Mode is ON? VST Live does not stretch audio-files.


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Thank for your time and explanation.
I´ll send you a Zip-File with the export.

So the way to handle the Halion interchange would be to safe the halion Session and reload in VST-Life? That´s ok.

I am not sure at this moment if I stretched the sample. But musical Mode is on.

Thanks again, kind regard