Issues paying and updating Cubase tonight. Hell

Well, I saw the support message about the issues and I also read their update saying servers were bang on and everything was fine again.

Not really!

The shop did not accept any of my (working sound) 3 credit cards regardless of me trying a zillion times.

in the end I managed to do it through PayPal (which used the very same card btw).

As of now, my eLincenser cannot access the server and Steinberg Download Manager can´t go through either. We´ve had that before, and the last time was horrid.

This contradicts the Support last update.

No usual Steinberg email confirmation yet.

So… if any of you is going through something similar, do try PayPal instead.

The license server is working at this time…

Isn’t this the second major outage in a year for this licensing server?

This is such a crucial part of your business, and such annoyance to users who just gave you money that it seems you should be motivated to spread the load across multiple instances, or have a hot standby running…

Hosting servers in the cloud these days (or on run-your-own virtualized infrastructure) generally means that downtime, when you have it at all, is measured in minutes, not hours or days – unless the reason for an outage is some development change, and presumably you’re not iterating a lot on this software, given that you’ve indicated it might be on the way out, anyway?

No melodrama needed.

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It’s not melodrama, it’s honest professional curiosity!

When Amazon takes out the internet, they follow up with a nicely written post mortem that tells us all exactly what went wrong despite best intentions, and talk about how to improve it. I’d love for Steinberg to do the same when their services go out. Transparency builds trust.