Issues recording guitar with Yamaha THR10ii in Windows 10


I have been trying to record a guitar using a Yamaha THR10ii amplifier and the Cubase AI version that comes with the amp. I installed Cubase v10.5.12. I have checked that the drivers and firmware are all up to date. However, I have not been able to use the software to record the guitar properly.

When I try to select the Yamaha THR as the ASIO driver, Cubase crashes. I manage to stop from crashing if I connect the Yamaha THR after I open Cubase, but I still cannot select it, In this case, Cubase pop a message device not found.

Cubase recognize the THR. I can use it to hear tracks that I add in Cubase.

I tried to record the guitar with the laptop using midi and audio. In Midi cubase does not record or register any sound. In audio it record sounds but the guitar sound is very very low and I just believe it is recording the sound from the laptop michophone.

Could you guide me in how to use the THR and Cubase to record a guitar?

My apologies. I just realized my topic is in the wrong forum, as it is related to CUBASE AI :frowning: