Issues recording MIDI to audio track

I’m having issues converting MIDI to audio and would appreciate any ideas/suggestions. I have a MIDI track that I want to record to an audio track. (It’s a simple MIDI track, not an instrument track, so I’m unable to “render in place.”) I have tried a few methods for doing this. I’m using a Yamaha MX connected to my computer via USB cable that can capture both MIDI and Audio information. I have my MIDI track with all my MIDI data. Then I created an audio track where the input is the audio output from the Yamaha, but when I try to play the MIDI track and record it to the audio track, nothing registers in the audio track. You can see the levels going from the MIDI track, but there’s nothing in the audio track.
I thought perhaps there was an issue in trying to send MIDI and audio information over the same cable. So I tried a different way: I connected my Output from the Yamaha to my digital audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett) using instrument to XLR cables (what I use to power my studio monitors). I can see on the front of the digital audio interface that I’m getting audio information from the Yamaha–both when I play live and when I play the MIDI track into the Yamaha. So I’m absolutely flummoxed why I continue to get nothing registering on my audio track when I try to record the MIDI information.
Any ideas for what’s going on here? Thanks.

That is not true. You can render the MIDI part.

You need to change the audio driver if you want to record from the Focusrite.

Thanks for your reply. I did not mention that I adjusted the audio drivers for each of these methods. I use ASIO Generic Lower Latency Driver Setup to adjust the audio inputs and outputs. So when I tried the former method, I’d selected the Yamaha as my audio I/O, and for the latter method, I selected Focusrite as my audio input. Still no dice.
And re rendering: I did try to select the MIDI track and go to render in place but when I clicked “render in place,” it didn’t do anything–no dialog box came up or anything. I did see in the Cubase manual that you could render “● MIDI parts on instrument tracks” but mine is a MIDI track, not an instrument track. So I figured I couldn’t render an actual MIDI track. Or at least, I haven’t figured out how to do so.
Thanks again.

Which Cubase?

Cubase 13 Pro

Render in place with MIDI parts works as expected on my Cubase 13 pro.
Just select the part and choose Render-in-Place.

When using your Focusrite audio interface you should use their dedicated ASIO driver, not the generic one.

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I tried to render in place again and it didn’t do anything. Weird!

I think I had to use the ASIO one, or at least I got it, to work with the Yamaha MX when I was connecting it to my computer. But I will try it with the Focusrite driver.

Tried it with the Focusrite driver and it’s working! Thanks, @mlib