Issues selecting notes in Key Editor

I can select a note in key editor if I click directly on it. Any kind of attempt to marquee select drags the key editor around and turns off the link icon.
Operator error?

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if you want to draw a marquee with the select tool, you need to first hold down shift and then wait a second or so. The functionality was originally designed around the iPad version but there will soon be changes made which will bring it back more into line with what you would expect on a desktop computer.

That doesn’t work for me. The key editor continues to drag.

Update. Sussed it. Agreed it doesn’t feel anything like a desktop function and very slow.
Look forward to this being improved.

the key editor still unlinks from the the main window whenever anything is selected. Is that normal? It feel that it should be a 2 way link.
I was quite excited about the key editor but it’s a bit clunky for me at the minute.

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You can switch Dorico by hand mode in the selection mode (bottom right)

not sure what you mean by “unlinks from the main window”. It doesn’t leave linked mode at any rate. Perhaps you could clarify?

The link will be disengaged whenever you zoom the piano roll, or scroll to a new location. Because you can click and drag the piano roll with the mouse (perhaps because you’re trying to create a marquee selection) it’s easy to do.

For what it’s worth, we are working on improving the mouse interaction with the Key Editor right now (well, not literally, given that it’s 9pm on Saturday evening), and we expect improvements to be included in the first maintenance update, expected soon.

I’ll let @Paul_Mellors answer but I suspect he’s doing one of the things you’ve just suggested as indeed all disengage the link. Selecting on its own doesn’t.

Thanks Daniel

That will be it for sure. The key editor area is super sensitive scrolling wise on my Surface Book

Yes, this has been reported by other users. We’re going to try to improve that in the forthcoming first maintenance release.