Issues setting up VST3 with clang, cmake, vscode, and ninja

Hello, I’m new here.

I’d like to ask for some assistance regarding setting up vst3 in my enviornment.
I’m using Windows 11, Visual Studio Code, Clang, Ninja, CMake, and VC++ libraries.

I used the project generator that comes with the SDK and I am having two issues:

  1. Seems some include paths are trying to link files that aren’t in the source, like plugininterfaces, public.sdk, and other folders in the vst3sdk, vscode doesn’t pick them up too and it underlines them with red.

  2. Doesn’t build with the Ninja cmake generator, although regardless of the previous point, it builds when I use the MSVC cmake generator.

I’m quite new to setting up build enviornments with cpp, in fact I’m only learning it because I wanted a shot at making a specific plug-in, so apologizes if I use incorrect terms or anything, please correct me on those.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

For beginners I recommend to use Visual Studio Community Edition. Other IDE’s are not well tested if working at all on Windows.