Issues / Suggestions for Cue Mix Mode

Some suggestions for improvements when running in Cue Mix mode:

Currently, all project tracks are visible on a remote device, even muted and invisible tracks, and also tracks that make up the elements of Groups. This makes for a potentially very cluttered display containing many irrelevant tracks.

Generally, when the talent are adjusting the balances of their own mixes, we don’t want them to be able to include tracks that are redundant, like alternative or incomplete takes, so it would be safer if they could only see and adjust tracks on which Cue Sends have already been set up in the main DAW. To prevent this it would be useful to have the following options available:

Show Muted Tracks y/n
Show hidden Tracks y/n
Show Group Elements y/n

Show Only Active Cues y/n

It would also be very prudent to be able to prevent anyone from accidentally activating Record on any tracks or adjusting track levels in the DAW. This could be accomplished by providing a ‘Cue Mix Only’ mode (perhaps set on a Cue-by-Cue basis in the DAW’s Control Room) that would prevent the talent from entering MixConsole mode on a remote device. The Record Arm button in the Transport section could also be hidden in this mode.

A Transport Bar lock would also be very useful to ensure that a project could only be run from the main DAW, not by individual musicians - they should normally only be permitted to change their levels.

Here’s hoping that someone from Steinberg will actually read this post.

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This is a very good idea, especially being able to follow the hide scheme of tracks set up in the mixer. But seeing the amount of effort the moderators put in this forum, I guess suggetions like this wil remain unnoticed.