Issues updating Cubes 9 LE AI

Hello all, I am having problem trying to update my 9 LE AI to 12 LE AI, I purchased the upgrade, however, it cannot be activated due tou an error message saying somthing like my license is not upgradable. Could somebody help me? The period of grace is about to expire just 4 days left.

At the moment I click upgrade on the download assistantn a new eLicenser window pops and says No license upgradeble to select

You don’t have to pay for an update for LE nor for AI. You must have bought the wrong update, or maybe need to verify the actual exact product name?

My license says CUBASE AI 9 SeL, I thought I had to buy the update. If I don’t have to pya, how do I upgrade? At the moment I enter the code it says it is compatible with the kind of license I have

Hi Pablo, I added a Cubase AI 12 to your account. Which upgrade did you purchase exactly?

Hi Matt, thank you, I can see the Cubase AI on my activation manager and download assistant, do I have to reinstall? I already activated it on the activation manager, however, it says it will expire tomorrow. The one I bought is this one below which eas for exixsting clients.

Cubase Elements 12

Actualización desde

  • Cubase Elements 11
  • Cubase Elements 10.5
  • Cubase Elements 10
  • Cubase Elements 9.5
  • Cubase Elements 9
  • Cubase Elements 8
  • Cubase Elements 7
  • Cubase Elements 6



You bought the wrong thing.
You should have bought and upgrade, from LE or AI to Elements.

Hi Gio, by any chance do you have the link? Ive been looking for it but not found

Below the update option, there’s the option to upgrade from Cubase LE/AI 4-11.

Sorry I’m not getting it, you say in cubase or the website?

Yes in the website, the Steinberg store.

Not able to find it

El El mié, 8 de mar. de 2023 a la(s) 20:04, Giovanni Buchelli via Steinberg Forums <> escribió:

Should I purchase this one to update from Cubase AI LE 9 to elements?

Yes, that’s the option to upgrade from older versions of Cubase AI.