Issues upgrading Cubase LE to Elements


Since support isn’t addressing tickets #313729 and #314194 i would like to ask for some guidance.

What should/can i do next?

This is the content my support request:

I had two PC’s using AI and LE then i upgraded LE to Elements, now i had to reinstall both PC’s and the Elements are GONE in MySteinberg…


I first removed both installations on my two PC’s.
Because i wanted to move AI from the primary PC to the secondary PC,
and the LE to the primary studio PC (to be upgraded to Elements).

I have used code …ACTIVATION CODE REMOVED… to activate Elements (bought from your e-shop) for the LE.
And this worked fine.

MySteinberg showed Elements as installed on my primary studio PC. It worked.

Then I installed the AI on the secondary studio PC and then all licensing went haywire!
All licensing for the primary studio PC was broken (in MySteinberg), and I could not find Elements even back in the list!
I wish i didn’t upgrade, it gives me headaches.
All I wanted to be able to use the Arranger track (that was a reason to upgrade).

What i don’t understand:

  • Can i really have more than one Cubase under a MySteinberg mail account?
  • Is a license in MySteinberg coupled to the MySteinberg account or not? It seems to be coupled to a eLicenser registration.


Both tests did not succeed since both activation codes (for Elements) were already used :frowning:

Conclusion: I lost my original LE license in the process and also the upgrade license for Elements.

Can you please check where it went wrong?
I would like to use Cubase 10.5 Elements.


Hi and welcome,

Sorry I don’t really understand this step:

The common way is to Reactivate the license to a new computer. I don’t know, what does the “Removed Code” do. Where did you get the code or the function?

This remove code was the activation code send to me by e-mail.

At the moment I am helped by Steinberg support, so hopefully we can solve the issue.

By the way, this activation code didn’t work anymore.