Issues using Korg Kronos as External Synth in Cubase 12 (Mac M1, Monterey)

I recently got a Korg Kronos LS and am trying to use it as an external instrument on Cubase 12 for Mac (Monterey OS, M1 processor). I’ve connected the Kronos via standard MIDI pin connectors to a Scarlett 8i6 audio interface that’s in turn connected via USB to the Mac.

In Cubase, I’ve been attempting to record and play back notes on the Kronos via MIDI. Naively, I first set up a MIDI track and selected the appropriate MIDI inputs and outputs but it has been working erratically. Note input for the most part has worked well, although I sometimes get stuck notes. Playback is where most of the problems have occurred. On playback I often hear no sound or faint sound (which strangely is sometimes fixed when I slide my finger on the Kronos ribbon controller).

So I have tried to follow instructions for setting the Kronos up properly as a VST instrument, I have encountered problems doing so. I notice there is not a script for the Kronos in the MIDI device manager. I have attempted to set up the Kronos via the Studio-> Audio Connections option and add an external instrument but I get a “not connected” message when I try to load the Kronos as a VST instrument.

I should also note that Korg’s USB midi driver does not yet seem to work for the Monterey OS so I may have to run MIDI through the Scarlett until this is resolved.

Any tips/pointers are appreciated. I am relatively new to this, so I appreciate any pointers. Thanks, Ben