Issues validating my Cubase 13 upgrade

I have purchased the upgrade version of Cubase LE 13 buy I can’t validate it and the temporary licence will run out in 5 days.

The LE 13 version does not appear within the e-licenser control - see screenshot - 0nly my version LE 11 appears.


Also it mentions my e-licenser is out of date, but the latest version is installed.

When I place the activation code in the elicenser I get the message issue of the code not replacing the many ###'s

Please can someone assist with this?

Many thanks

Hi Gavin,

welcome to the forum.
As of version 12, Cubase doesn’t use the eLicenser any longer. Instead, your license should be listed in the Steinberg Activation Manager. There’s also a button, where you can activate it.
If you haven’t redeemed the Download Access Code yet that you received after purchasing the update, you can do that in the Steinberg Download Manager. But according to the screenshot, Cubase Elements 11 has already been updated (and therefore can’t be updated again).

Hi Martin, The issue I have is that my latest upgrade to LE 13 mentioned that I have a pending expiry date as shown on this screen grab and I can’t seem to remove it.

I really don’t want mt LE 13 to stop working in a few days .

I’ve followed all the instructions to validate my install but still can’t ger rid of the pending date.

Any help much appreciated?

I guess that’s something someone from Steinberg needs to resolve. Maybe @Ed_Doll can help you here.

Thanks Martin :slight_smile:


Hi Gavin, first, Cubase LE is not the same as Cubase Elements and you bought the wrong upgrade from a Cubase LE to Cubase Elements 13.
I am going to initiate a refund for that order.

Then, your Cubase Elements 11 license was already upgraded to Steinberg Licensing as you can see in the eLicenser Control Center. So there must be a valid Cubase Elements 12 somewhere already.
Unfortunately, you seem to have multiple accounts with different email addresses. I have found three Steinberg IDs so far.
Could you please send the email addresses that you might have used for MySteinberg in a private message? Perhaps, there is another one that I cannot find and that contains the Cubase Elements 12 license.

Hi Ed,

Firstly thanks for the quick response.

My email that I use is

I did previously buy the version 12 but had the same problem to upgrade it so after much frustration, gave up and just stuck with version 11.

My apologies for not realising my recent purchase was not the correct version and thanks for the refund, very kind.

It says on my desktop shortcut that I have Cubase LE AI elements 11, if that helps.

I do wish to upgrade to version 13 of my product. Any guidance much appreciated.

Kind regards