Issues when using Eucon with Cubase Pro 12

Continuing the discussion from Have automated faders update at full framerate:

It is still not improved in Cubase Pro 12.
Is there a solution?

I too find the problem is that the faders I wrote automation for are not running at the maximum refresh rate available in Cubase.

When manipulating the faders with the mouse, the faders are drawn at the maximum refresh rate, but the faders with written automation are rough.

This is a problem with Avid S1 with EuCon, for example.
When manipulating faders with the mouse, the Avid S1 runs smoothly, but tracks with written automation have motors that run rough.

I hope this will be improved.

Here is the procedure to reproduce it. 1.

  1. prepare an audio track, instrument track, or any other track where volume automation can be applied.
  2. Write a smooth straight line volume automation so that the first beat of the first measure is -60db and the third beat is 6db at, for example, BPM120 4/4 time signature.
  3. playback.
  4. look at the fader and volume values in the mix console and the screen updates, obviously at a lower refresh rate than is valid on the graphics card
  5. if you manually operate the same or faster automation than described in 2. by dragging the faders directly with the mouse, the screen refreshes at a higher refresh rate.

If a track with written automation is motorized with an Avid S1 or other Eucon-compatible controller, it will have the same coarse movement as the mix console refresh rate.
If you use the mouse to control the volume similar to automation, the Avid S1 will also move smoothly.

When a similar operation was performed in ProTools, this coarse automation movement did not occur.
I hope this will be improved, as it is very annoying due to the numerical value confirmation and control, both when the controller is not used and when it is used.