Issues with 3rd Party VSTs on Cubase 10 Pro

Having real issues with multiple VST plugins on Cubase 10 Pro - mainly seem to be native 64-bit VST3 that show the issue. Running on Windows 10 Pro x64 (1809) on PC with i9 9900K processor and 16GB RAM with dual screen setup running on DisplayPort (daisy chained) off the on-chip Intel GPU with one a touch screen @ 1080p and the other an ultra-wide HiDPI monitor. Cubase 10 option set to support HiDPI.

On many, including many Arturia V Collection (latest), and some Melda, and others including MasteringTheMix LEVELS, when you first open the plugin it displays correctly (although, another minor issue is that often then open up with the top bar across the “join” between the displays) and is fully usable. If you then close the module (leaving it active) and then try to re-open it, it will in some cases always in others sometimes display a blank area inside the window and freeze Cubase. If you are playing at the time, this continues, but the only way to close down anything is to kill the Cubase process from Task Manager.

All of these plugins (on the same projects) work fine in Cubase 9.5 Pro and it has only been Cubase 10 where I have had these issues - I have also seen similar reports about this (for Arturia V Collection) in the Arturia forums, so it is obviously not just me or my setup… link to one of the posts I found is

This does need to be looked at urgently as it is making version 10 unusable - and is especially concerning as it seems to be related to the VST3 plugins only, which you would assume (with Steinberg) would be the ones to be the most reliable.

I have also just tested switching the HiDPI option off - and the problem still occurs (tested with LEVELS as I have this (and other monitoring plugins) setup in the Control Room - and now, even create an empty project and then try to open LEVELS will lock up Cubase 10.

I’ve had some issues too with Cubase pro 10. I just stick with using 9.5 all the time. I keep SOnarworks, FabFilter Pro Q2, Levels, Reference in the control room inserts. When I open Cubase 10, Sonarworks and Pro Q2 are blacked out, they won’t open, can’t remove them. I am able to open a new instance of Sonarworks, but it has this weird filtered/out of phase sound to it. WHen I open Reference and press “Reference” i get multiple tracks playing at once. None of these issues occur when I open up 9.5. Also had numerous minor wonky type issues with Cubase 10 and 3rd party plugins