Issues with ASIO4ALL driver on windows 7

I’ve installed Cubase 5 on my windows 7 and it has issues with Assio4all driver,version 2.13,when the microphone is plugged in.When I choose ASIO in the program,microphone stops working,it won’t record and I don’t hear it.Even the sound of a music project is having some issues,I hear some cracking noise and the sound isn’t clear.Cubase is asking me to turn on Duplex driver,which is not installed in my comp,because my realtek hd audio driver didn’t come with the Duplex driver.My comp has 4gb ram,processor is dual core 2.86,so I don’t think that is an issue.Microphone only works with Generic low latency asio driver,but than I cannot play project in the program,I can’t hear the sound.Can,please,somebody,help me,give me some explanation or some full tutorial link for Cubase 5.I’m just freaking out. :unamused: :open_mouth: