Issues with Cubase 10 Pro and FocusRite Scarlet 18i20 rev 2.0 audio interface on Windows 10

Hello there,

Initial problem description and attempted work-around:
Wanted to upgrade from v5LE (TASCAM bundle).
I grabbed a copy of Cubase 10 LE when I found out that after purchasing
9.5 LE had a bunch of Windows 10 64-bit issues dealing with Dropout.

Current Environment:
Using Version 10 Pro with FocusRite Scarlet 18i20 rev 2.0 audio interface on Windows 10 64-bit.

Additional Info:
I own version 10 LE and upgraded to Pro recently as a co-owner of the SW with my partner.
Version 10 LE actually worked well after a tweak, but this did not carry over to Pro.

Recent Issue:
I am using the Focusrite driver because I need to be able to set up my IN/Out. The generic driver does not give
me the ability to set what I need in the FocusRite interface.
Started experiencing dropouts after Pro installed. I did bump up the ASIO buffers a bit but problem persisted.
Went back to lowest buffer setting and had some relief but got hit with dropout during a recording attempt.

Do you have any idea why 10 LE was fine but Pro now has issues?
I know disabling plug-ins can provide some relief, but I have plenty of horsepower CPU and RAM to handle things.
Everything I used in Cubase 5 LE and Windows 7 did not have these issues.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

I’m having similar issues with midi dropouts, on a Focusrite Clarett 4pre, and 10 Pro (only seems to be since updating to 10.0.15 - assuming a coincidence). Posted a similar thread, no reply as yet…

Thanks for the feedback. Do share if you get anywhere. I am really thinking of going to Pro Tools or MixBus right about now.

I’ve posted about it twice on here and had zero response, there is a Facebook group called Cubase Users where people have been a little more responsive, although no solution has been found for my issue.

Thanks I will Take a look at that as well.