Issues with cubase 6.07


I’m having some weird issues with cubase 6.07:

I’m finishing a heavy project, consisting of different cubase sessions with many plugins.

When opening them (it happens with all of the sessions I need to work on), one of the following happens:

  1. A few seconds after hitting [space] and playing the sessions the cursor suddenly jumps forward (about 73 minutes to be precise) - just to be clear: The sesssions are not longer than 3 minutes, so this is very odd.
  2. If the first thing doesn’t happen, the session just doesn’t play. I hit play and the play button lights in green but the session gets stuck.
  3. It gets stuck trying to relocate samples (some of these sessions were begun on my older computer).

I tried testing it opening a new session and these issues did not take place, but I didn’t try it with all the plugins yet.

  • I also receive an error message about a VST system link - stating that there is some kind of an overdose of received signals. I don’t even use a system link so I have no idea why.

I’m working on win 8.1 (updated) with a very powerfull 6 core processor, 16 G RAM

Kontakt 5 (several)
East West

Also: Numerous WAVES’ plugins.

What should my next step be?