Issues with Cubase 6 64 bit on my iMac

Hi everyone
Started Cubase in 64 bit today, and had all sorts of issues with it cutting out, along with pops and crackles.
I have an i5 iMac with 8 gig of ram, and the MR816csx as my audio interface. Updates on that are current.
Playing guitar just made the thing pop and crackle, and the sound kept cutting out every few seconds.
I tried adjusting the sample rate, but that made no difference.
IS there anything else I could do?
Thanks for your time


Two thoughts, have you confirmed your iMac can take advantage of
64 bit? (one of ours cannot, it missed the cutoff by one serial number!). So
Snow leopard didn’t gain us much on that machine.

Second, what’s your buffer size set to? Might try running it up and
Just see if that has any impact.

Could also chech the VST Performance meter just as a part of the

One last thought, if nothing else helps, try trashing your CB preferences
And then run “repair permissions” with the disc utility. For whatever reason
Those two steps always seem to fix stuff here!

Hope this helps, let me know where you come out.


Hi Walt
Thanks for that
I’ll try a couple of those suggestions!
Take care