Issues with Dorico

Hello all! I’ve recently made the switch from Finale/Musescore to Dorico and I love the fluid writing process in Dorico. However, I am having a few glaring issues that make it hard to work with Dorico

  1. when I initially load up Dorico and attempt to playback my piece, there is no audio. HalionSE is on and there are instruments loaded. I have the HSSE+HSO (pro) selected. Typically when I close the project and reopen it works fine, but how do I get it to work on the initial run?

  2. the playback audio is incredibly low. I have tried turning it up in the mixer but it doesn’t do much for the winds and strings while the timpani is much louder.

  3. the playback occasionally “drops notes” or skips and stutters? I’m running the ASIO4ALL driver and the samples are maxed out. I had this issue trying to play with HalionSE and Noteperformer3

I will admit that my hardware isn’t the best. It’s a HP Laptop from about 4 years ago (when I bought it from my community college at the time)


Can you describe your hardware a bit more? RAM, CPU, etc. And which version of Windows.

It might help if you can provide a sample project file that exhibits the problem, to see how it behaves on another computer. (You’ll need to zip it, and there is a small-ish size limit.)

Hi, how long do you wait after project loading? Because HSSE or NP need some time to load in the sound data. Once it is finished the Play button become green and you can start the playback.
Regarding the drop outs, have you tried increasing the ASIO buffer size in the device driver’s control panel?