Issues with elicencer

I have issues running Padshop as well as other Absolute + Backbone plugins in Studio One and Logic (both S1 and Logic are on latest versions):

  1. Sometimes plugins don’t load if eLicenser application is not running - saying there’s no license found
  2. Opened Padshop today in S1 got the error eLicenser control error - Application ‘Evo Elysium’ has caused the following error: The soft eLicenser threw an unknown exception. Click OK to abort -> clicking OK - same message. When launching Padshop in Cubase everything is OK - Padshop works fine (other VSTs too).

MacOS 10.15.5
USB eLicenser

keep licenser app running before launching your daw. it will fix the problems. welcome to elicenser hell since 10.15.