Issues with fade and cross fade for audio tracks in Cubase 9

I created audio tracks in the mixdown window and added them to Cubase 9. BUT when I go to add fades and cross fades, I get the following errors:

  1. It does not give me the pencil icon when I highlight an audio track to draw the fade or cross fade
  2. It says zoom range must be > 0 for fades

How the heck do you add a cross fade or fade in/out in Cubase 9? It definitely is poorly documented and not intuitive!

You said you highlighted the audio track. Try highlighting the audio events that you want to crossfade.

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Also, after you highlight the audio events, just hit the letter “x” on your keyboard, see if it works without the pencil tool (I never use the pencil tool to x-fade).

And try zooming in or out 5-10 clicks before x-fading.

You do it in the project view, and if you get those messages, you must be in the sample editor. (and the zoom range message does not actually mention fades.)

Have a look at this:

But you’re right about the way this is worded. It should actually say, imo (italics mine):

If the respective audio clips would overlap if their full length were exposed, the two events are resized so that they overlap, and a crossfade of the default length and shape is applied in the overlapping area.

“Clip” refers to the audio file, and “Event” refers the the container seen in the project window.

Thanks will check these out. I plan to get the Cubase 9 book and take the online training at Berklee Music. When I started working with Ableton Live 9, I did the same thing and that squared me away with Ableton so this will help for mastering Cubase. So many DAWs and gears to learn so little time. Most composers are using like 3-4 DAW and lots of gears! I see Pro Tools a lot in use by game and film producers for the post production work. Why?

Would also recommend the official Steinberg Cubase channel on youtube, very helpful (and free!).