Issues with Faderport 8 bank switching


I’ve got a presonus FaderPort 8 as a control surface for Cubase 10.5.

I’m having issues with the selection of banks/channels.

This first pic shows what’s selected when I open the project, or press the ‘Prev’ button enough times so the first bank of channels is selected.
pic 1.png
As you can see, the first 8 are selected, all come up in the Presonus and all is good.

This 2nd pic shows what happens when I have ‘Bank’ selected and I push ‘Next’

In this one, you can see that Cubase has ‘selected’ 16 channels. The first 8 come up on the FaderPort and I can control them.

This last pic shows what happens when we get to the end of the list, again 16 channels are selected, I can control the first 8, but pushing the next button won’t move any further on, so I can’t control the last 8 channels of my project…

Anybody know what I can do about this, as the Faderport is next to useless if I can’t control all the channels in my project… I did get hold of Presonus but they reckon (nice buck-passing on their part) that it’s an issue with the MUC implementation in Cubase…

Cheers in advance for any help,



Do you use 2 Mackie Control Devices in the Studio > Studio Setup, by any chance?