Issues with HALion Symphonic Orchestra

Hi everyone.

I use Dorico and I have installed all componentes correctly. But, for some reason, HSO is not available to use in Dorico. These all the VST available currently:

In my PC, this the only directory with some data about HSO:

It’s fine? I don’t see any .dll file or something like that.

Someone can help me with this, please?

It looks like you have downloaded the HSO sounds but you haven’t installed them yet, as these files are still in the downloads folder. The HSO content is just the .vstsound files - there’s no VST dll, you can load them into HALion Sonic SE.

HSO is already installed, I’ve checked it many times.

I installed a trial version of Dorico, and HSO works fine. Later, I get a NFR and I started to use a Pro version, but HSO doesn’t works anymore.

When I used HSO in the trial version, I could see it here:

But now, like we can see, HSO is not.

Run the Steinberg Library Manager, which will show you the libraries that are registered with HALion. I think you can just double click on one of those HSO vstsound files to register them, and then in the library manager you can move them to a new location.