Issues with installing Cubase 11 Pro included content


I have Cubase 11 Pro and wanted to install the included content (e.g. SpectraLayers, Halion) but Steinberg doesn’t make it easy at all…

I am running out of space on my C drive so I don’t want to install the content there which is impossible with Steinberg Download Assistant which is a bit outrageous.

So I went to Downloads | Steinberg but it is also really problematic - examples:

  • Halion - can only be downloaded through the assistant
  • SpectraLayers - I have downloaded it and installed but I cannot see Extensions under Audio menu
  • etc.

Can you please help me out on this?

Thank you a lot!

You can use the Steinberg Library Manager to move your libraries around.

Also in the Steinberg Download Assistant you can set the default download location wherever you like. As you can see, mine is on my D: drive