Issues with key signatures and notes names

I use Dorico SE (free) to get started. I already encountered an issue: when inserting the key signature with Shift + K (or when creating a new project in the 1st settings page), at the very beginning of the score, not all notes are affected by it. For example: I enter E major, but after a few bars I still see notes named Eflat, Aflat etc. Instead of simply seeing a D and a G. How can I fix this problem?


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When you input a new key signature, that doesn’t change the pitches of existing notes: the existing pitches are retained, and just show accidentals if needed according to the new key signature.

If you want to change the key signature and simultaneously re-write the music to match the new key, you can use the Transpose dialog: as long as you’ve selected a key signature item alongside the notes, you’ll have the option to transpose the key along with the music.

Hello Lillie,

I don’t want to change the pitches, I only want to have the notes written according to the signature. By the way, I didn’t really changed the signature, as I set it from the very start! Even on my imported midi it is set as such (in this case E major). I imported the midi from Logic Pro and there it looks ok, I don’t see any Eflats or Aflats there, so why do I see those on Dorico?

You should be able to change what you want using Write>Respell>Respell notes automatically…

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I just discovered that if I move manually the notes half tone lower, they change name but not their pitch! That’s very weird. It doesn’t look encouraging. That means I can fix the issue, but it would take me hours as the notes with wrong name are many!

Ah yes, I hadn’t taken in the nuances of your screenshot properly: Janus’s suggestion about respelling should be more helpful, as the underlying pitches are correct, just appearing with the wrong spelling.

When you move notes up/down by staff position, Dorico will change the pitch but be informed by the key signature. Moving an Eb down a staff position so the notehead is in the D space changes its pitch to a D, but the prevailing key signature has D#s in, so the pitch is a D#.

The “Respell Automatically” function should fix this all up in one go.

Problem solved with Janus’s suggestion. Thanks to you both! Have a nice evening.

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