Issues with licensing cubase.

Hello, i recently had to wipe one of my hard drives, so on my new hard
drive, i am trying to get cubase back. I followed the steps as i did when i
first downloaded it: i entered the download access code, downloaded the
installer and tried to enter the activation code (that i got in an email)
into the e-licenser. It said that the code was already used. I dont know if
there is a way to get a new activation code, but if there is, please let me
know because i really want to get back to music producing. Thanks!

Hi and welcome,

If you are owner of Cubase Pro or Artist (or your license is stored on the USB-eLicenser), you don’t have to reactivate. You just plug the USB-eLicneser in and you are ready to go.

If your license is stored on the Soft-eLicenser (Cubase Elements/LE/AI by default), you have to go thru the Reactivation process.

Hi! I have tried to follow all of the steps but i cant. I dont have the old eLicenser number because my old hard drive was wiped. Therefore, there is no way to reactivate it. Does this mean i have lost it, or is there a way to prove that i did own it and request a new one.


Can you see the SOft-eLicenser Number in your MySteinberg account? If not, get in contact with Steinberg support. They can find the eLicenser, if you would provide your Cubase Download Access Code or Activation Code.