Issues with Palette Gear Controller and assigning MIDI CC's

I recently bought a Palette Gear with two buttons and two sliders, I have the two buttons used to control play/stop and record. Were I having trouble is the sliders, which are setup for controlling midi cc data (cc1, and cc11).

For some reason Cubase does not recognize these as midi. I’ve used the software that comes with the Palette Gear to use but still no luck.

Do I need to set this up as a Generic Remote? I’ve tried this, but when I go to learn Cubase does not see it or change the values within the Generic Remote setup.

Here are my settings:

Any ideas or suggestions?




No, in Remote Device you would assign the slider to any Cubase function/control. Like controlling fader of a Channel.

If you want to keep it as a MIDI controller, make sure it’s not used as an input of any Remote device or Quick Control.

Thanks for your reply.

Are the settings I’m showing in the picture correct? If not, what do I need to do?

Also, can I have both sliders on the Palette gear to control CC11, CC1, and CC21 set as globally? To control with Kontakt etc.?

How would I set this up?

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, still new to learning how to setup all this up.

The one Settings I can see, is correct.

To make it global, don’t assign it to any Remote Device or Quick Control.

Hmm. it still won’t work.

I guess I’m not understanding on what to do exactly.

Do you have a link to a video?


Please, could you send some screenshots? With all items you have in the Studio Setup > Remotes Devices: Generic Remote, Nectar…, Track, Quick Controls, VST Quick Controls.

Here are the screenshots:

What is the Metasystem MIDI Port? If this is the Palette Gear, just remove it from the Generic Remote Device. Set Not Connected. This makes the device NOT a generic MIDI controller.

It’s for an iPad app I use called Metagrid, it’s similar to Lemur. Do you think this is messing it up?

I do not have the Palette Gear in the studio settings, does it need to be?

Ok, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

What happens if you add the MIDI Monitor Insert effect to the track? Can you see incoming MIDI Messaged?

Don’t you filter out MIDI controllers in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filters? Don’t you filter out MIDI controllers via Input Transformer on the track?

No. I do not see any incoming MIDI messages when I apply the MIDI Monitor Insert on a track. I see it for my Nektar keyboard controller.

I have never filtered out MIDI controllers via input transformer.

How would I go about doing this? I’m guessing since the MIDI monitor on the track is not receiving messages then that’s the issue?

Yes, that’s the issue.

Could you done check if the device send any data? In MIDI-OX utility or similar?

I used Midi monitor and it did show it sending midi:

Then I tried to open Cubase to see if it works and then I stop receiving message with Midi monitor, the Palette Gear stop sending them.

That’s weird.

Could you try to remove the device from the macOS Audio MIDI utility and install the MIDI device again?

I ended up removing the Palette Gear from the Audio Midi and it seems to be working now. I do lose connection for the device and then need to unplug it and it will work again.

Thanks again for your hard work solving this issue for me, much appreciated!