Issues with Program change in Cubase LE 8

I am in the trial version and need help.
I have midi files that I want to load them into cubase LE8 make simple and small changes like adding a conga sound, etc.
Then I save the General midi file (type 1, not zero)and LOAD them in my General Midi Roland xp-80 keyboard. When I play them they sound like the Program changes WERE NOT SAVED. they all sound like piano (bass, guitar, sax, etc.). DRUMS SOUND PERFECT, they are in channel 10.
I have other sequences that sound perfect, including Program changes and tracking volumes through the whole songs .

I need to know how can I go in cubase LE8, and make the program changes and all the basic GM beginning setup and save them in a template so I can then work on my other songs(sequences).

Thank you.

I have a Mac mini quad core , 4 GB RAM, Yosemite.