Issues with Sample Editor -> Definition in Cubase Pro 12

I find some problems with Sample Editor when I am trying Cubase Pro 12.

  1. Closing Sample Editor window when Definition bar is open in the left Inspector area will cause Window Layout Settings of Sample editor lost at the next open of sample editor.
  2. Manual Adjust function still works in 4/4 way even if signature is set to things like 3/4, 6/4. Same issue in Nuendo 11.
  3. Interface lags significantly when red lines are shown (–“set beat position” is performed ). The more the worse. (Btw, I don’t know whether this is a illusion but it seems even worse in Simplified Chinese and Japanese interfaces.)
  4. Clicking on the lower signature bar and moving mouse horizontally will perform a zoom out jump which is annoying. Same in Nuendo 11.
    XPS17 9700 Windows 10 i7-10875H 3840*2400@59.934Hz 200% Zoom

This is still the Case with 12.0.20. If you have the sample editor open with the “Definition” tab selected and close/reopen the sample editor, the Left Zone/Inspector is close and you have to reopen it. Very annoying

I can reproduce here.
Cubase 12.0.20, Windows.

Still not fixed in 12.0.30 !!!

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Yep, very annoying. Cannot imagine this being a very difficult issue to fix…