Issues with sampler track in Cubase Artist 9.5

Hi all,

I’m new to Cubase so apologies if this is a very basic question.

I’m trying to load and edit a sample, but whenever I create a new sampler track and try to add an existing snippet of audio that I’ve uploaded, even if I drag it into the sample editor window at the bottom, it only ever plays what is on the main track timeline (the full audio file which is a new audio track that it’s created, not a chosen section and it doesn’t let me drag and drop a section onto the sampler track). Also even with the full audio file in the sampler editor at the bottom and the loop start and end selected and the start and end points selected, it still only ever plays the full track and I can’t get it onto the sampler track. Same happens if I try any of their drum patterns too.

Does any of that that make sense?

I have RW and record enabled on the sampler track on the main timeline and the sample editor at the bottom but nada!

Any advice welcome as I’ve tried to work this out for three days in a row now and no luck. Everything I’ve found on official intruction manuals doesn’t seem to explain a basic issue like this. I’m assuming there must be something I need to select in Preferences or Studio to let me put something on the new sampler track rather than create a new audio track?

I’ve addeed a screengrab of what it looks while I’m mid-record, but when it stops nothing shows up on the sampler line at the top.

Thanks so much in advance


This is how it suppose to work. You copy the whole source file not the audio event to the Sampler Track.

To copy just the snipped, you have to Bounce Selection and replace it first (so you will create a new file of the snipped event, which will be used in the Sampler Track then).