Issues with the Layouts list, seems to be a bug


I have a long list of Layouts, I want to uncheck certain Layouts from a certain flow. But when I scroll down, the checkboxes first shift to the right and then they disappear. Reopening the file brings the checkboxes back.

I also noticed that when the Layouts List is long and requires scrolling down, it often shoots up to the top layout after clicking something.

Another thing that happens is that Layouts do not stay in the order I put them, but shift around (even after explicitly using Renumber Layouts).

And since we are on the subject of the Layouts List, some feature requests:
-It would be great to have Layout Groups (as there are Players Groups) and if it had a Layout Group Number that could be token.
-It would be great to have the possibility to permanently link Propagate Part Formatting instead of having to do that manually.
-It would be more clear (and useful) if Full Scores and Instrumental Parts would get Layout Numbers that number consecutively. Instead of numbering both the first score and the first part number 1.

Version 4.0.31 (the disappearing checkboxes bug also happen in 4.0.20)
Thanks for having a look, would be glad to hear from you.

Best Jos

Can you attach a project that reproduces the problem with the Layouts list? It should be fine for you to delete all the flows in the project, since I guess the issue is related somehow to the names and/or order of the layouts in the list.

Thanks for the reply. It happens with a brand new file too. For example when opening a default Project Template. Mac OS 12.3.1, MacMini M1 2020.

Couldn’t figure out how to attach a video file here on the forum. Here is a link to a small video file with a screen grab of the issue: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

As I wrote, it happens with a totally new file too, so it turned out not to be related to the specific file I noticed it in. Since it is not file related I thought a video could be helpful.

Right, I see the issue. When the list of layouts is scrollable, the scroll bar sometimes covers the checkbox at the right-hand side of the list. We’ll look into this.