Issues with the LE5 DVD. Need help

Hi there,

I recently bought a Lexicon Alpha which came with a DVD-ROM of Cubase LE5 and a serial number. Although I have an external disc drive, it doesn’t read DVDs and I can’t install Cubase. Is there any way to download the software instead?


You can upgrade to Cubase AI 8 (newer and much better than the version you have) for a super low price. Total no-brainer.

Run the eLicenser Control Center and register your Soft-eLicenser to your MySteinberg. After upgrading to Cubase AI you’ll be given a download link.

If you like AI 8, also consider upgrading to Cubase Elements. That’s another relatively cheap upgrade that will give you more tools and more freedom.

Hi sruffini96 and Romantique Tp,

An update to Cubase AI/LE 8 would be a good choice.
But please notice that you can only update your license to Cubase LE 8, if you are updating from Cubase LE 5.
The upgrade to Cubase AI 8 will not work.

Thanks for the heads up, for some reason the fact that the page says “Cubase AI 8 / Cubase LE 8” instead of just “Cubase AI 8” completely flew over my head.