issues with the operators manual

I’m sure it’s easy for experienced users to navigate cubase 8 pro but when you’re making the switch from another DAW to Cubase you find yourself in the manual a lot, not because of technique but because you’re not exactly sure how to achieve what you want with cubase due to it being different. I have no problem searching the manual. It’s just a bit difficult at times because Steinberg advertises things like “instrument rack” but instead “rack instrument” is what is in the manual. I’ve also run into issues where the pictures don’t match the steps in the manual and also issues where the manual talks about toolbar content that by default isn’t there. It’s confusing for someone who isn’t experienced with cubase, not necessarily someone who isn’t experienced with audio production. There really needs to be some improving of the manual imo.

You’re right on the spot with that :wink:
The Operation Manual seems to be a perpetual work in progress, and as such, with each revision becomes less and less user friendly.
I’ve been silently hoping that it will be heavily revised toward the end of the C8 cycle (perhaps with the mid-cycle upgrade) but not holding my breath.

Thank you. I’m glad somebody agrees with me.

Totally agree, the manual is a dog and especially due to terminology & so the search function is useless in many cases. What’s been working well for me (also new to C7 & 8 after a very long absence):

App open, manual open, web browser open.
Google the same terms and 9 times out of 10 there’s a very useful video or article on exactly that. (often Steinberg channel). It also tends to make clear where & what that is in the manual, so one can always cross reference back for extra detail if needed.

The problem is that ‘the community’ (such as it is) does not value good documentation… even a decent index.

This issue has been ‘discussed’ enough times to qualify for a free set of steak knives, but it goes nowhere. My guess…

  1. VERY few people care about ‘advanced’ issues.

  2. And those that do, suffer through re-inventing the wheel or doing endless Googling/Youtubing.

The irony is that it actually takes -longer- to get a recipe to perform various tasks than it did 10 years ago.

The key failure, IMHO is the deplorable, despicable, disgraceful (these are words that start with a ‘D’ this time) index of the PDFs. Various key words are not even -indexed-, let alone bookmarked. And ‘Relevance’? That guy who does the docs probably thinks that has something to do with his mother-in-law and thus avoids the function entirely.

Hi, while I am not unhappy with the cubase Manual (because of my way of using it - i.e. reading without using to build an index in my brain… VERY helpful) and find that it HAS been improved, I do agree with the criticism about the index.

The Manual simply is NOT a reference Manual (which is definitely needed by a lot of People and helpful for all).

I would suggest the following: Steinberg, use the synergies with Yamaha. Every time I take the motif xf documentation - two Manuals: 1. User Guide 2. Reference Manual - I wish I had something like that for Cubase as well. Yamaha is an excellent example of how this can be done. Excellent technical writing. And the structure is Close to perfect.

Cheers, ernst