Issues with transient "clipping" noise when using Kush Audio Silika Compressor Plug-In

I am getting a harsh digital “Squawk” noise on transients when using Kush Silika plug ins to compress a lot of the loops/samples included in absolute 4 vst in cubase 11, even when applying the tiniest amount of compression and even when pulling the volume way down below the threshold.
I am using a Behringer Umc interface, with Rokit g2 5s, and Sennheiser hd300 Pro headphones.
I have already crossed my monitors and headphones off the list of culprits, since they both suffer the squawk, as well as the interface, as the issue persists when putting a loop thru the internal sound card.
Has anyone else been having these issues? And if so, did you find a solution? I don’t know if the loops have been created in a way that is inimical to software compression, or if its a compatibility issue between cubase and the kush plugin, which I doubt due to the high standards demanded at kush audio. Please share any advice. Thanks.