Issues with True Peak Metering

Hi all, I’m having issues with the true peak metering in Nuendo.

All meters in nuendo say that my peaks are -5.0 but izotope insight and NuGen ISL are both telling me -2.0 (which is where I have the limiter set). Why is this?

I’m sure that I may have done something wrong here but I can’t figure out what that could be.

Image for reference here:

It looks like the iZotope Insight meter is a mono instance, not stereo, but the Nuendo master is stereo out. So summing two signals - Left and Right - to mono would result in an increase in level unless you adjust pan law.

Hence the difference.

A very handy thing to remember is that whenever you see a level difference of 3dB (or 6dB) it makes sense to investigate routing/summing.

So true! :mrgreen:

Aha! Of course. Thanks!