Issues with UR22 audio buffer artifacts when loading FL projects


I am having audio buffer issues when using my audio interface’s ASIO drivers in FL Studio. I don’t encounter these issues when using ASIO4ALL, for instance. The audio interface I am using is the Steinberg UR22.

Here’s my issue:

First off, what I hear in my monitors. While loading a project, if I have a video playing in the background for instance, it will slow down and will sound distorted in my monitors. Then, when the project finishes loading, it looks to me like it tries to catch up, and CPU goes to 100%. The video then speeds up, and the FL project will play faster and distorted as well, until CPU goes back down to normal. It looks to me like the audio driver is trying to catch up instead of resetting. (sorry if I’m using incorrect terminology or misunderstanding, I’m no expert in the matter… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Now, here’s what’s being recorded back in the audio interface while all of this happens. When the project loads, there won’t be any audio going in my audio interface (if I’m recording in Audacity or OBS for instance), even though I hear the slowed down and distorted audio in my speakers. Then, when the project finishes loading, there’s a high pitched, loud and very annoying noise that plays, and it stops once CPU goes back down to normal. Note that I can’t hear this noise in my speakers, it’s only through recording that it appears (it’s generated internally).

Here’s a video demonstrating what I mean:

Depending on the project (and maybe the buffer size), the duration of that CPU spike will vary. Sometimes, it takes so long I have to go in my interface control panel to reset the buffer manually.

Also, sometimes, maybe more often when using a smaller buffer size, after the CPU usage goes back to normal, the high-pitched noise persists, and audio is still being distorted when recorded, but playback through my speakers is just fine. I have to reset the buffer manually for it to disappear and everything to go back to normal. Here’s another video demonstrating what I mean:

Finally, when using the audio option “Mix in buffer switch”, when loading projects, or loading/unloading FXs or generators, it will simply freeze and play back what’s in the buffer in loop until what I loaded finishes loading, instead of simply stopping then resetting when it finishes loading.

Note that all these issues I mentioned are only occurring when I’m using the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO drivers and that it works fine when using FL Studio ASIO or ASIO4ALL, which is why I’m writing on this forum. Image-Line also told me to write here as they believe it’s an issue with the audio driver. It’s also been happening for a long time, and it did this with my old computer as well. I’d really like to use Steinberg USB ASIO, as it has way less latency and maybe a bit better performance than the other ones I mentioned.

I have a pretty beefy computer as well, so that’s not the issue.
It’s also not an issue due to 3rd party VST plugins, as even loading empty projects makes this sound for a very brief moment.

Let me know if you need more information, I’ll gladly do more testing on my side if needed to fix this.

Thank you, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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got the same problem with Steinberg UR22mkII