Issues with USB-eLicenser / Cubase 7 licence

I bought today a used USB-eLicenser with Cubase 7 licence.
The original owner has deleted this software registration from his account and I registered the USB-eLicenser with Cubase 7 licence under my Steinberg account.
When I’m opening my eLicenser control center I’m seeing under “All Applications” “steinberg non-movable remaining time: 25h”

Does it means that my licence is valid for 25 hours?
Also when I’m opening Cubase 7 I’m getting this registration message:

Does it means that my software is unregistered or can I choose “Already Registered”?
Please advice

Read about the 25 hours license here…

You said you already registered CB7 in your MySteinberg account. If that is correct then just hit the already registered button.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Interesting that you purchased an Educational licence.


Just sayin’ …

"11. Can I resell an education license.

No, education licenses are bound to the buyer. In order to resell your product, you need to purchase an update / upgrade to the next higher version first. This will exchange your education license with a commercial license."