Issues writing unisons of the same duration with no overlap


I don’t expect anything. I am a new Dorico user and did not know which functions were native (standard) and which weren’t; and the two training courses I purchased and completed did not address this.

At the time I began, it seemed logical to me to put two flutes on a staff, two clarinets on a staff, etc. as a conductor sees it and as I would do on paper–and so I would have fewer staves to scroll while working. Having discussed this on the forum, I understand more about Dorico’s model.

Rather than recreate this project, I’ll continue, instruct a due as appropriate, and engage a copyist, if needed, to separate parts. On the next project, I can reconsider how to set things up.

As a footnote, I’ll add that I designed software at large corporations for many years and I understand the trade-off decisions developers face. Overall, I think the Dorico team made excellent choices and it’s a great product.

If you still wish to set it up for proper condensing, there are several tools available to allow you to do that fairly quickly. You can check out “explode“ and “duplicate to staff below.“ There have been a number of times where I have needed to make these changes to an old project, and it went pretty quickly.

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Excellent. Thank you.

I am extremely impressed with Dorico. It’s light years beyond the notation program I used before.

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