ISW Shreddage 3 Hydra with Dorico 4

I used ISW’s Shreddage 3 Hydra yesterday for the first time with Dorico 4. Can’t change presets but just using the default for the EM is perfectly adequate for what I need. Set up is a Godyn LGXT guitar into a VG-99 synth into Dorico. Dorico accepted the new midi input device no problem. Will use mainly with my keyboard but the guitar input for sketching ideas is a useful addition. Less accidental notes using Hydra than other external libraries

I was just noodling with it yesterday and recorded a simple tune as an experiment. It was stable on playback but today having updated the same project to the latest version of Dorico 4 it was wobbling all over the place. Recorded and played back a new tune and it was fine so don’t know how the update would have made yesterday’s recording unstable.

What do you mean by “wobbling all over the place”? Do you mean pitch or rhythm variance?

Pitch only. New input using Hydra in the latest update of Dorico 4 plays back perfectly. Haven’t noticed anything similar with my other external libraries so maybe it’s something unique to Hydra. Could easily be something I’ve caused so no need for concern. Everything else is running smoothly.

Is it on Mac M1 that Hydra is being used? also is it under Rosetta mode? Because on my mac M1 in native mode kontakt doesn’t show up in the VST list.

No, I’m on a Windows 10 PC.

I would assume that pitch instability will be due to MIDI controller messages, perhaps?

Possibly. Close it for now. Early days for me with Hydra so probably down to user error.