ISWC Code vs ISRC Code

Hey folks, for the first time I have been asked to embed an ISWC code into my clients file. I have done ISRC codes many times and I know where to enter them in the software, but the ISWC I have no clue what window/field to enter this into. Please help! Thanks everybody.

Bud Bremner


Have anyone seen a BWF-wav or other audio file
with ISWC code imbedded and where to put it ?

regards S-EH

Here you go on how to embed and

Thank you for these links, they certainly say what the ISWC code is about but still there is none of what I need to know, and it comes back to my original question: Im sitting in front of Wavelabs Meta Data editor, where in THIS editor do I find the correct field to place the ISWC code, this is all I want to know.

If this editor cannot accept the ISWC code, then what?

AFAIK, there is no established standard to store that information in any metadata field (in anyone know, you are welcome to tell me).

You can still store it in a generic way, eg.:

Maybe your client has some requirement about where he expects to find this ISWC.

I was about to say the same thing. I don’t believe the ID3 protocol has added an ISWC field, but there are some non-official places you can add it such as the “Comments” section of ID3v2.

I’ve been meaning to look into this for a particular client of mine but as far as I can see, there is no official standard yet.

Also, this is from Steve @ Soundminer who stay pretty on top of all the latest metadata practices:

Nothing in id3.

All our products, as a safety now embed strings into iXML tag, container as well as or dedicated SMWrapper ISWC field.

Since our SMwrapper requires our product to read it, we have been copying it into the ixml user container which is open to anyone. This is how we are addressing it given the open standards like id3 and bext have no provision for it.

This is the app suggested in the first article FWIW

Thank you again folks for this info. Ive returned to mastering after 15 years and the shear amount of available meta data that is possible to embed is staggering and is taking some time to sort out.