It changing color again!!!! do anyone has sameproblem as well??

I had been using the Nuendo a while and this problem always comes to me and it bothers me so much !! My job I making the Game skill audio and we need to see the color performance to make sure the sounds are suitable with video but this problem really rebarbative. check the attachments

I don’t understand the question.
What colors are you talking about?
In your screenshots I see the video player window.


I don’t see a color shift on my system. Did you use codecs recommended by Steinberg?

I can see the color differences between the two screenshots here and they are huge! This is a legit question I think.

Me too. I see it too. However, I don’t think Nuendo can do anything about it. It is not a video editor. If this is a job that you were given then I would leave the color issue to who ever did the video. If this is your work then you need to deal with in you video editor.

I was seeing this issue intermittently prior to 10.3, but haven’t seen it since. That’s not to say it isn’t there, just that I haven’t seen it lately myself. Did you try using a different video codec/format to start with as mentioned above? I can’t even remember if that helped me or not.