it is 2011, WL v7 still no FLAC import? wow!

i HAD to start a new topic about this… :astonished:

i hope it was simple and straight … :blush:

and it is self explanatory… :open_mouth:

Yes, I fully agree, this is a shame !!!


Looks like lack of FLAC is taking flak! [Sorry, it was too good a pun to pass up!] :smiley:

I suspect the reasons lie with licensing arrangements and royalties which must then be reflected in the overall costs of the product. I also suspect it’s being worked, but we may not see it for a few revisions to the current WL7.

FLAC is free for commercial or non-commercial use.


Licensing agreements? Royalties? For a totally free library? Don’t think so. Not sure what the heck the delay is since FLAC has been around for years…only PG can say for sure.

He did mention in one thread a while back that it is “on the bench” possibly for a 7.02 is what I thought I read.


Yes, FLAC will appear in next minor update.

Brilliant! Thanks.


Yes, FLAC will appear in next minor update.

Thank you PG, this was short and clear !
(As always from you :wink: )

Kind regards


Hmm, I guess I should stop opening my mouth to change feet! :blush: