It is possible to change N4 to C6?

Hi, Can I “upgrade” my Nuendo 4 to Cubase 6? If is this possible, how can I do that?

Why don’t you upgrade to Nuendo 5.x?
N5.5 will have all the features C6 has and more.


Hi, Thanks for your awnser, but Nuendo 5 really has the same stuff of Cubase 6?, I mean, basically the music tools like vocals pitch corrector, virtual instruments, or score editor etc??

Nuendo 5.5 will, as long as you pay for the NEK.


Ok, then Nuendo upgrade $250 USD+NEK 299 USD=550 Cubase FULL 6 500 USD
If I a music producer and we have a comercial recording studio Could be a better option nuendo 5?
And, I was trying to upgrade my nuendo 4 to nuendo 5 online and Icoulnd’t becuase Im in Mexico and appear a message “Look for your local distributor” I contact the only one distributor in my country and they say “Oh I dont Know about your upgrade, I just sell the full version” :unamused: Then What can I do? What’s your suggestion here?
Thanks again.

Maybe you can try to get in touch with Brian at Steinberg in the US. He’s a pretty nice fellow and might be able to help you out.

Clearly Steinberg Germany has bet money on the wrong horse in Mexico, because you situation is idiotic. And if someone from Steinberg is reading the thread this is another reason why you need to get online purchases / downloads going…

In that way they will end up just like Waves - I was surprised to hear all of their V.7 got cracked :astonished:
Though of course our lives would improve significantly without those silly/awkward/annoying USB keys :imp:

Sometimes I wish there were no bored kids wrecking the option buying software without the crap attached to “protect” it…and we wouldnt need to pay the extra for it :nerd:
…or covering the damage it makes :unamused:

And a small1 if I may :wink:

Is upgrading Nuendo means upgrading Nuendo+NEK, or is the latter (NEK) requires a dedicated upgrade too?


You have to upgrade Nuend and the NEK.

You will find plenty of discussions and rants about the NEK; that it supposily is a ripp-off, but that is not true.
Nuendo + NEK is the exact same purchase/upgrade price as before the NEK. In other words, Nuendo without NEK is cheaper than before.


Thank you very much for the input :smiley:

I forgot to mention that I do own the NEK exp.


Thanks again, How can I get in touch with Brian at Steinberg in the US?

On the web site I CANNOT establish any contact with support team by email, because Im not in the US. Then, What can I do?

You missed the following:

Wow. That’s pathetic. Hopefully you just missed something. If not, SB has some changes to make.

For now however: I will PM you Brians email address. I hope he can help you. At least he tries (as opposed to that moron dealer in Mexico).

Yes I did :frowning:
Now I’m confused again :unamused:
Will I need or would’nt need to make a different purchase to upgrade my NEK ?(seperately :question:)

I should add considering that he seems to be a music producer:

According to Ferrer’s math (I don’t know the actual prices) he’ll have three advantages in NOT buying Nuendo 5.5+NEK and instead buying Cubase 6:

  1. He now has two licences and can potentially do work on two machines simultaneously (albeit with different functionality)
  2. He gets the latest updates/upgrades much sooner (because of leapfrogging)
  3. He’ll save $50

Like I said, I don’t really know what the upgrade pricing is for the various products, but I’m guessing keeping Cubase up to date is cheaper than Nuendo, meaning he’ll also save in the long run which would be a fourth benefit…

Sorry if I confused things, I assumed Fredo was talking to the original poster since he didn’t include any quotes in his post. So what I wrote was in response to that. Nothing else.

What I think Fredo meant was that if you now have Nuendo4+NEK and want to get the latest Nuendo5+NEK you have to upgrade both. And I think it means that if you upgrade Nuendo only, and not the NEK, that the NEK won’t work (or isn’t supported or something).

Again, sorry for confusing things if I did…

If you don’t upgrade the NEK (which you have to pay for), you will not have the functionality of the NEK in N5. You will of course still have it for N4.


That is correct.


Thanks :wink: …I wasnt familiar with the ‘ripp-off’ term lol :wink: