It is time. Steinberg Yamaha MIDEX 8 2.0

MIDI 2.0 protocol is now reality (just barely)

I have a MOTU MIDI Express XT which definitely enables some great workflow organization and creative options on the fly - but, it does have it’s bugs and dated software design choices/protocols. MOTU refused to fix bugs for PC. It is essentially a sold but not supported product.

It would be great to see a new MIDEX MIDI patchbay/router from Steinberg/Yamaha that is modern with smart integration into Cubase/Nuendo and other apps.

There is a huge opportunity here to rethink MIDI hardware integration, sync, timecode, routing, etc.

-MIDI 2.0 Support
-Project Sync Recall to Cubendo
-virtual Wireless/WIFI/Bluetooth MIDI “ports” (For use with Android/iOS apps)
-Latency Compensation
-Settings memory per instrument connection/port
-Timecode utilities
-Internal Steinberg MIDI plugins (please also create a MIDI scripter plugin akin to Logics)
-Advanced routing and splitting possibilities
-Multi-Computer sync capabilities with smart connect between multiple instances of Cubendo
-MIDI monitor utilities
-MIDI over LAN utilities in the software akin to CopperLan or ipmidi
-Timecode generator akin to MIDI Express XT
-Port labeling
-easy preset management
-Smart/Direct routing to and detection of virtual instruments in Cubase - ability to route to multiple virtual instruments
-SDK developer tools/MIDI scripter/SDK for MIDI plugins that can be used in Cubase or internally in the hardware

With all the Eurorack and new synths and MIDI 2.0… the world needs a new king of MIDI patchbays.


no one interested in this idea?

I feel like this is such a sensible thing for Cubase/Nuendo/Yamaha to have… When you look at how Cubase is designed, with the MIDI input transformer and all - - it’s designed to go hand in hand with a hardware unit like this, for musicians/composers that have multi-synthesizer studios.

I would sell my MOTU MIDI XT in a second to buy this.

with MIDI 2.0 such a device is useless


How else do you connect 8 Synths/controllers of which not all have MIDI thru nor MIDI 2.0 compatibility which is 99.9% of what is currently released, whether 40 years ago, or yesterday.

I also don’t think you have used this product, as you don’t seem to be aware of the software utilities that something like the MOTU MIDI XT provide, like centralized channel remapping, channel muting, message filtering, port to port presets, sync, pedal programming, etc. This is all invaluable stuff that allows new creative potentials if you understand how to utilize it and it’s not stuff MIDI 2.0 just magically provides.