It seems that RX9 is not working correctly and when I ask WL to RENDER the file it is unchanged

I have the latest version of both WL and RX9. Am I doing something wrong???

RX9 has many modules. Which one were you using?

I did a quick test with RX9 Spectral De-Noise and it renders when used in the Audio Montage and in the Master Section using the VST3 version.

Sorry I was so anxious to post I forgot to say I was using the “DeClick” module.

I also cannot seem to get the built in “error corrector” to work either. It does nothing. Is there some switch in the program that I have to turn on??? I am trying to get some clicks out of a record I just transferred and after 18 minutes the file is the same as before I rendered it with RX 9 DeClick.

When I try and have WL scan for errors using the built in software it just scans the file and finds no errors. I am somewhat confused. Thanks for your timely reply.

De-Click is working here. A good way to test this one is to leave it in “Output Clicks Only” mode and see what you get. Again, as a test, not as what you’d want in a normal situation.

That being said, there are a number of ways to render and use plugins in WaveLab, I think more info would be needed for anybody to really troubleshoot it.

I closed WL and rebooted my computer. It now seems to be working. I am on a PC running windows 10 latest updates.

Still the problem with trying to stop WL when using the plugin.