It sounds augmented

VST instruments are NOT out of tune in itself.
If you’re a piano player every VST piano on itself sounds great. There are no wrong notes.
But if you MIX two or more VST instruments in Cubase, one can be out of tune against the other.

An example:

I made a backing tracks with Vintage Digital Tines, Tick Pick and Drum “the track sounds great”.
But I have to retune my guitar. (+20 cent)

FM E-Piano, Contrabass Solo and Drum “the track sounds great”.
But I have to retune my guitar again. (0 cent)

In a MIX with more VST instruments and there is only one out of tune, it just sounds somehow augmented.
For a long time I thought it was my low budget guitar and me.

I love making music, I think Cubase is a good DAW, the VST Instruments sound all very nice,
I want everyone to make great music.
Be aware, check the tuning of each VST Instrument you use.

Just kick me out again people from Steinberg if you don’t wanna hear me.
And I promise I won’t write anymore.


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As long as it’s not individual notes within the instrument you don’t have to retune your guitar. You can tune the VST and save a preset.

Ok, I am moved,
And yes, save presets.

But how do I know which instruments are out of tune. (Of course the tuner)
I have to check them all. Thats more than 4000 Instruments.
I am not going to use the same instruments over and over again.
From the 100 I checked 20 were out of tune, more than 3900 Instruments to go…

Or is there a list…

And when I use Halion as standalone, only use the presets?
Only at my place, I hope my friends did the same thing.

I think there is something wrong, that’s all I wanna say.

Thanks for the answers.

Well, one hopes the devs will see this thread and respond. Form what you’re saying it might be an error that crept in during some point in the development cycle, in which case fixing it would not be impossible. :nerd:

I think everybody should know, “Some VST Instruments are out of tune”

I would have been thrilled a year ago with that knowledge.
Now I am in tears, a year of hard work almost gone.
I think it should be written with big letters on the web site, on this form (sticky and locked),
on every box sold in the shops “Great Instruments“ but…

I believe you people at Steinberg are working hard. Thanks for that.
I love Cubase, it’s like a relationship not perfect but my goodness we are having a great time together (20 years)
Out of tune, doesn’t have to be a big problem when you know it. Just turn the knob.
I trusted Steinberg to be in tune, unfortunately, I make mistakes to…

Everyone, Everybody should know “Some VST Instruments are out of tune” just check.

From Amsterdam with love, MM.

Note that this has now been officially acknowledged as a bug in the other thread.

Thanks Grim, I think that’s a step in the right direction.

And everyone who understood my double dutch translations, thanks.